Hack a Mobile Office Cabinet to Fit in Scanner and Printer



Introduction: Hack a Mobile Office Cabinet to Fit in Scanner and Printer

A mobile office cabinet.. Maybe you have one at home...

Do you also have a printer ? Maybe a scanner ?

As we go digital, my desk drawers starts to empty and I wanted my desk to be clean...

That means avoid the clutter...

How to make my printer and scanner disappear ?

At first I thought this wasn't possible because I had a big multi-fonctions printer/scanner/fax... (You can see it on the top of the mobile office cabinet).

The problem ? Costs to renew the ink !

I bought a small laser printer, I can print a lot and it's very cheap... OK I don't have color...

This small laser printer was able to fit in the mobile office cabinet. That was not great job at all, just posed the printer on the drawer (literally because the printer would be "on top" of the borders of the drawer !).

I used the scanner on the old multi-fonctions printer/scanner/fax only for months and then one month I thought :

Would it be possible to make a normal scanner fit in ?

Step 1: Remove the Drawers

In order to be able to fit the scanner in, I need to remove the upper drawer.

At first, I thought I would keep the bottom cabinet but I found that it would be simpler to remove the front of both drawers to create a door.

So I remove the bottom drawer and decide to just put the printer on the bottom of the mobile office cabinet. Who needs to move a printer anyway ?

This printer is pretty cool because everything is on front or on top : add paper sheets, etc...

Step 2: Create a Tablet to Support the Scanner

I cut a wood board at the correct dimension (same as the upper drawer) and fix it to be OK as the tablet to support the scanner.

The scanner can now go inside.

As you can see, the empty space was quickly used to store books for work !

On left you can see the door removed from the drawer...

Step 3: Create a Door to Close the Drawer

The door is the result of the two front of the drawers attached together.

Step 4: Create Holes in the Back for the Cables (power, Data)

In order to be able to hide the cables, I need to create holes in the back.

a small one on the bottom for the printer

a bigger one on the top for the scanner because the scanner is so long that it does not fit well inside the drawer.

I could have bought a smaller scanner but I got this one for 10 $...

Step 5: Fix the Door

fix the door to the drawer

Step 6: Insert the Printer and Scanner... It's Done...

Once the door is fixed, you can insert and connect the printer and scanner.

It's done !

You can see it open and closed.

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