Hack and Upgrade Your Stereo System With a Bluetooth Module




Introduction: Hack and Upgrade Your Stereo System With a Bluetooth Module

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I have this stereo amplifier that has a great sound but without wireless connectivity.

With a few bucks and a bit of patience it's possible to make it a great bluetooth stereo system!

Step 1: Buy Some Components

You will need:

  • A bluetooth module xs3868 (less than 4USD on eBay) (see picture)
  • A 3x7cm prototype PCB board (less than a dollar on eBay) (see picture)
  • A 470µF electrolytic capacitor
  • Some single row straight headers
  • Your iron and solder
  • Some wires

Step 2: Assemble the Components Together

Solder the headers on the PCB, then the Bluetooth module to the headers.

Solder the 470µF capacitor as described in the picture.

Solder 5 wires:

  • 2 wires for the power: red to +5V pin and black to ground pin
  • 3 wires for the output: white to ground pin (Agnd), blue to right pin (R) and green to left pin (L)

Step 3: Open Your Stereo Amplifier

Safety first: unplug your amplifier before doing anything.

Then unscrew the cover and try to locate any 5V voltage regulator like the one in the picture.

You will also need to locate where the RCA plugs are connected.

Step 4: Connect Your Circuit to the Amplifier

Solder the output wires to the desired input RCA. Make sure you are soldering correctly (ground, left and right).

Solder the power wires to the voltage regulator.

Step 5: Test Put an Antenna and Cover

This is it!

You just have to plug you amplifier, be careful not to electrocute yourself!

With any bluetooth device (smart phone, computer, tablet etc.) try to connect to the bluetooth module and play some music.

You should hear some nice wireless sound!

If you don't unplug your amplifier and double check all your solders and connections.

Before covering you will need to add an extra antena soldered to the existing one because the cover will certainly block any electromagnetic wave to get out from the amplifier, and also to get inside your amplifier, including the bluetooth waves.

Drill a small hole and pass the wire/antenna through it.

You just need to cover your amplifier back and you're done!

Thanks for reading!

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65 Discussions

Does it matter how many volts the capacitor is? I'm new to electronics...

1 reply

It doesn't matter as long as it is greater or equal to the actual voltage.

The device that I'm trying to install this module only have one set of RCA. Can I still use the plugs when not connected to BT?

1 reply

I'm not 100% sure but I would guess that it is possible.

Is it possible to use hc 08 instead of the xs3868 module?

How can i do

1 reply

I don't think you can use hc 08 without doing some kind of software development. xs3868 is an audio Bluetooth module which means that it is ready to pair, out of the box.

Hello There

I want to make a bluetooth audio transmitter for me to connect my laptop with 3.5mm jack with my wireless headphones. How will I be able to do so using this module.

10 replies

Oh, ok, got it!
So in step 4, instead of connecting the wires to the RCA you have to connect them to a male jack plug. Also you will need power source, USB should be fine.

Ok, how would I connect both the device? Because both the device dont have a user interface.

I mean how to pair them because I would be unable to look which device to connect etc. (Won't be like a device connection with phone). As on phone we get a list and then connection is made.

If I am correct tgen, connecting the wires to the male jack plug would still be doing the same thing as in your project, because you are connecting those wires to input of the amp. And if I do so then I would using it as an input of what tge device recieved. However I want the opposite, that input is given to the device and it transmits.

Right, you are correct. AFAIK there is a mic input on this board, use this input for your jack.

Hi, I don't understand what you need to perform. Do you want to put a wire on wireless headphones? O make a wired headphone become wireless?

Thank you for your reply, I want to give my laptop wireless capability because it lacks bluetooth. So what I want is that a bluetooth transmitter will be connected to the laptop, so I can listen to the audio on my bt headphones (streaming laptop audio to headphones).

Nevermind, Didnt look at the second reply.

Should only be powered by 3.6-4.2V. Dont exceed the max voltage. I used 3.7V li-ion battery.
There are a few versions of this board and the documents available on-line are sketchy at best. Be sure you have the right one for your version. I have purchased a few of these boards and not one seller has been able to provide the relevant datasheet for their version.

These instructions are missing some vital information. The circuit diagram does not have a "470µF capacitor" mentioned in the "you will need". The picture clearly shows a resistor not mentioned in the "you will need". The picture of the circuit board is too small to figure out the discrepancy. It would be great if someone who actually made this work posted these corrections.

The circuit is simple and this is a fantastic idea, me personally I've been building amps from scratch and have really wanted to add bluetooth to them , I have 2 of these bluetooth modules , my real issue here is how small it is , do you have any tips on soldering connections to the pins? This chip is so incredibly small! I already ruined one in attempting to solder wires to it