Hack Desktop Lamp to Loud Speaker Lamp

Introduction: Hack Desktop Lamp to Loud Speaker Lamp

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This project start because I want to save space on my desk. Sound from laptop/monitor not loud and poor so I decided to make this loud speaker lamp to listen louder and clearer.

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Step 1: List of Component.

1 desk lamp.

2 loud speakers(neodymium for small space).

3 TDA 7052b amp ic x 2

4 0.1 uf mkp capacitor x2

5 1000 uf 16 volts electrolytic capacitor.

6 10 uf 16 volts electrolytic capacitor x 2 (Don't believe junk website circuit that cut input coupling capacitor out if you use tda 7052B, you will make you amp ic overheat and damage: Beware).

7 old usb male.

8 audio jack( headphones jack with wire are good)

9 soldering iron lead and some wire.

10 hot glue gun.

Step 2: Measure and Drill Small Holes From Outside Case for Loudspeaker Sound Coming Out.

If you drill from inside the case you will not get good result.

Step 3: Attach Loudspeakers With Hot Glue and Drill Hole for Volume Control and Input Wire.

Step 4: Make Amplifier and Attach to the Lamp Case.

If you don't know where to start, see wiring diagram (show only one amp).

Step 5: Connect Input Wire and Usb Male Wire and Assembly Every Part Back.

Now it's done. See testing video.

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    4 years ago

    That looks really cool! How many watts are these speakers?

    Easy and work project

    If video not show see link here.