Hack the 'Explore' Link to Get Your Project Popularity Ranking

Introduction: Hack the 'Explore' Link to Get Your Project Popularity Ranking

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A simple idea to figure out your Project's 'Popularity Ranking' using the Explore button from the front page.

Step 1: Click 'Explore'

Locate the 'Explore' button on the [www.instructables.com front page].

Step 2: Click 'Next'

If your Project is not in the Top 30, click 'Next'.

Step 3: Discover Your Baseline Rank

When you first enter your project, give it a few hours to be discovered by the 'Recent' tag from the Explore link, or it will rank last. Once it has been up for a day or so, follow this Instructable to this step, and edit the URL to say:

You can pick a more appropriate Limit amount based on the current number of projects.

Guesstimate or count exactly how many projects are before yours. Yours is one higher than that! Note this number. When I first thought of this, my first project was at #270.

Step 4: Come Back Again Later

Once you have found your rank, come back again the next day and modify the URL so that the last rank your project had is the Limit amount. Then, thinking positively, count how many places you project has moved up!




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    cool man i just signed up a month agoand tink i will find it usefull check out my one it can get you into the top 2o no sweat. (better instructions to)

    cool thanks

    why is it ranked one lower than it is? if your project is 2nd is it 1st? and why do you have to go to the explorer first?

    1 reply

    The first number (OFFSET=) is your starting point, and the second number (LIMIT=) is that many above that. So starting at 0 and going 1 above that will result in the first ranked project. Try it out, click the Explore link and note the first project. Then use this link:
    You will see that results in the 1st project also. Thus:
    Results in the 1st through 10th projects.

    And you have to click on Explore first in order to find the "index.html?OFFSET=30&LIMIT=30" portion of the URL. Once you have it you can go right to it next time!


    12 years ago

    hey i think you guys (the admins. and mods.) are pretty kewl if you let a thing like this stay

    Glad you liked it and that you didn't mind. It was also NOT a commentary on the site or the team's abilities. I just noticed that you said in the Blog that the "Explore" results were sorted by popularity, so I wanted to find mine (and make another Project.) I have been looking at and reading different make sites for some time, but this is the first one I ever made a project on. Thanks for providing the ability.