HackDuino LED CUBE

I was browsing Instructables one night when I came across two amazing projects. The Perfboard Hackduino and The LED Cube and Arduino Lib were the two I saw and I decided, "Why not combine them?" I'm editing a video I made on how to build both projects and integrate them together and I will post it to youtube and have a link on my profile so subscribe and enjoy! Some of the pictures may appear blurry because my acrylic case is not completely clear but it is still nice looking. Thanks to member Gzip and Jmsaavedra, the authors of these instructables. Cheers!

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    This is abhiram. can you please tell me the circuit diagram of connections of led to arduino . i am trying this from 1 year i buyed arduino and i made a 3x3x3 led cube but i dont understand the connections of transistor, resistors to the ardunio board pins please tell me