Hackea Cross Dresser

Here is a fun little project for some extra storage space. It is hacked from the Ikea KALLAX series of shelving units. It is a piece of furniture that will literately work in any room and it is easy to make. This Instructable will show how,

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Step 1: Build Center Shelf Unit

You will need a four tall, one wide KALLAX shelving unit. They are available from Ikea for $60. If you are patient you may find them used on Craigslist. If you live in a college town you can also find them next to dumpsters at the end of the school year.

KALLAX 4 by 1 Shelf Unit

Still $60 is not a bad price if you want to immediately get started. Assemble per instructions.

Step 2: Hack the Side Pieces

You will need a two tall, two wide KALLAX shelving unit. They are available from Ikea for $35.

KALLAX 2 by 2 Shelf Unit

The hardest part about using used is the time to get the two pieces in matching colors. I guess that is moot if you are going to paint it.

The photo shows where it needs to be cut and saved. The hardware can be reused to assemble the side pieces.

Step 3: Attach Side Pieces to Main Unit

Place the main Unit on its back and align the side pieces. Glue and screw the side pieces into place from the inside of the main unit. Use 3-1/2" deck screws.

Step 4: Add Inserts

Here is where is gets fun. Ikea makes so many inserts for this series you have many options.

KALLAX Inserts.

Put in six, drawer inserts and you have 12 drawers (great for a bed room). Using baskets, door inserts, and drawer inserts allows for storage in a bathroom. You can store towels and bathroom supplies. (But not nail care products!) It also makes a nice space separator with units left open to hold knickknacks, collectable, etc. . It also can be used in a small dining table for one or two. Store silverware in drawer units and plates in door units. Fold up chairs fit underneath. Hooks or bars can be placed on the bottom of the side pieces to store towels, clothes ties, etc.

Because it can be considered art it can stay in the main living area and still be used to store things for the bedroom or bath.

I would like to hear other people's ideas for uses.

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