Hacked Dollar Store Junk; Aka: Personalized Colour Shifting Nightlight.




It glows! Yay!

Step 1: Buy Junky Nightlight From Mao's Dollarama or Equivalent.

This is the hardest part. That offgassing plastic is not good for you. Wear a mask. Available in aisle 3.

Step 2: Take Nightlight Apart. and Replace Lame Stuff With Good Stuff

Contained within this incredibly cheap little device is a bunch of doodads. Identify the boring plain white LED and replace with colour (yes, a 'u'. God bless the Queen) shifting LED. I chose a slow blink RGB that I got online, again from our old pal Mao. The LED is the part that glows. It's got two legs that are glued in with metal. Melt metal glue and install LED 2.0 upgrade.

Step 3: Trace a Design on the Lense and Carve It Out.

I used a marker and a Dremel like device. It was red.

Step 4: Behold the Majesty You Have Wrought!

My daughter thinks it's pretty cool. And so do I.

"Ooooo... Art!"



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    2 years ago

    I wonder if you put a UV led in instead. That way you could write on the plastic with highlighter and it will glow! And you can get all sorts of coloUrs. Big fan of your youtube channel by the way, I am eagerly awaiting a solution to your lithium arc tab welder on the positive side!

    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago

    But would that junky plastic just glow blue and block out all the UV?

    Though many highlighter pigments do tend to be reactive to blue light too.


    2 years ago

    any links to buy them online. cant find themk any local stores or online.