Hacker Practice Server at Home

Introduction: Hacker Practice Server at Home

this is a step up for a xenserver and talks about other resources of there to go to find per-made VMS and places to learn to hack.

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Step 1: Step One Getting Everything Togeather

things you will need is to get a lot of computer or a couple of old p.c.s with the same cpu. i got mine from going to ebay and buying a lot of P.C:


that link should work for you if not go to ebay and look up a lot of computers and once the computers come in down load xenserver from:


and once the iso is burned double click on it and windows will do the rest.

Step 2: Setting Up the Xensever

setting up the xenserver there is a great website that tells you step by step to set up the sever:


Step 3: Settin Up the Network

setting up the pc on the same network the the same ip set up like and ext ext.

Step 4: Longin in to Xen

loggin in to the xenserver by the fist ip you set up of the master pc of the xenserver

Step 5: Download the Thing You Want to Attack

my favorite place to go and download xen server templates vms is:


another good thing to look in to would be metasploitable:


Step 6: Learning How to Hack

where are some get resources out there for people to learn to hack.




tons of youtube videos some great books and fallowing other hackers on twitter never hurts.

happy hacking!!!

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