Hacking John Deere American Farmer

In this Instructable I will show you many very simple hacks for John Deere American Farmer (JDAF). Most of the game data is saved in XML format so it is very simple to edit. You only need a basic knowledge of XML to manipulate the game to your liking.

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Step 1: More Money!!!

This is one of the easiest hacks. For this Instructable, I will assume that you installed JDAF to the default location, Program Files.

Go to C:\Program Files\John Deere American Farmer\Data\Games and open the game you want to edit in notepad or another text editor.
On the second line you should see:
You can out in any numeric value as far as I know.

The third line should look like:
You probably want to make x 0 so you have no loan.

The sixth line should look like:
I would make the x 10 because that is the max your reputation can be.

There are many other values in this file that you can tweek to your liking.

Step 2: Changing Prices

Go to C:\Program Files\John Deere American Farmer\Data\vehicles.xml
this is a list of all the vehicles in the game. You can change the price, speed and the sound they make. I will only explain price and speed.

To change prices, look for x. I usually make this 0. It works well to use ctrl+f and type price.
To change speed, look for x. I usually make this 100. It works well to use ctrl+f and type speed.

You can also chane the price of attachments by going to C:\Program Files\John Deere American Farmer\Data\attachments.xml

Use the same process to change the price of attachments.

Step 3: Plow Your Field With a Sprayer!

There is a file in C:\Program Files\John Deere American Farmer\Data called attachmentexcludes.xml

Delete that file. You can now do silly things like plow fields with sprayers.

Step 4: Make New Characters

You can add as many characters to this game as you want. Un fortunatly, they look just like characters that already exist.

Go to N:\ProgramFiles\John Deere American Farmer\Data\People
and make a copy of the file you want your character modeled after. In the second line, you can change the characters name. The file also contains lots of other informaton you can edit if you please.

Step 5: Next Steps

Change the sounds people make by editing the files in this folder
C:\Program Files\John Deere American Farmer\Sounds\People

Change game sounds by editing files in
C:\Program Files\John Deere American Farmer\Sounds\Music

Explore and find your own hacks!
Or play the game how it was intended :(

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    4 Discussions

    joe ~~~~~~~

    6 years ago on Introduction

    my favorite mod i've made was my void portal...
    it cost 200,000,000 but you can store an infinite amount of grain.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Maybe you should add a download link for your already hacked vehicles.xml file because it is a pain to 0 out all the prices