Hacking Like Mr Robot: Rasberry Pi

Introduction: Hacking Like Mr Robot: Rasberry Pi

So if your like me you've probably found the USA network series Mr Robot quite interesting, but did you know that most if not all the "hacks" in the show are real to a certain degree. Well this instructable will teach you how to make a raspberry pi that can hack like in the show.

First things first, I am not responsible for what you do with this project. This is educational and if someone causes damages using information in this tutorial I am not responsible.

Now to the fun part...

Step 1: What We Need for This Project

1. Raspberry Pi


2. ARM version of kali linux


3. Win32 Disk imager


4. SD card at least 4 GB


5. A basic understanding of the linux command line and hopefully some work with kali linux

Step 2: Install Kali Linux

Start by running Win32 Disk imager as administrator after putting your SD card in your computer, then select the kali linux image you downloaded and select your SD card for the device to write to. When finished hit write.

A warning: make sure you select your SD card, otherwise you may overwrite something accidentally.

Step 3: Finishing Up the Install

Remove the SD card from your computer and put it in your Raspberry Pi and boot. After it boots you will be prompt for a username and password, username: root and password: toor. After type: " startx" in the same command line.

Now that we have kali linux working on our Raspberry pi we need a way to communicate to it right?

Step 4: Connecting to the Pi

The Pi first needs to have a wireless adapter or Ethernet and be connected to the internet. Now we need to fire up netcat on our Pi so we can remotely connect to it. This is essentially a root kit. In the kali command line type:

"nc -l -p6996 -e /bin/sh". This allows us to connect to the Raspberry Pi via port 6996.

You also need to know the Ip address the Raspberry Pi has been assigned on the network. You can do this by typing: "ifconfig" and depending on your connection you should see the Pi's Ip address.

Now to connect type: "nc (Raspberry Pi's Ip address) 6996". An "ifconfig" should show you that you are connected to the Pi.

Step 5: What Now?

You can control the Pi and execute commands remotely as long as the network to Pi is connected to is up.

I you enjoyed this tutorial and want more, learn more about the kali linux operating system and it's tools. This is a great stepping stone into the world of hacking and computer security.

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    3 Discussions


    2 years ago

    what can you do with this?


    3 years ago

    Use SSH Server for kali, safer as netcat, here are the commands:

    apt-get install openssh-server

    now remove run levels for SSH

    update-rc.d -f ssh remove

    load the default SSH run level

    update-rc.d -f ssh defaults

    now bakup default keys and make new ones

    cd /etc/ssh/

    mkdir default_kali_keys

    mv ssh_host_* idefault_kali_keys/

    dpkg-reconfigure openssh-server

    now restart ssh service

    sudo service ssh restart

    now make service start with os

    update-rc.d -f ssh enable 2 3 4 5



    4 years ago

    Interesting to know, thanks!