Hacking UPS to Make Metal Melter




Introduction: Hacking UPS to Make Metal Melter

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Recently my PC's UPS battery is dead and it's not working.So, I thought that!!CAN I HACK THIS UPS????.......So in this post we are talking about the hacking of UPS as a metal melter machine and, how can you do this with your dead UPS.Before starting this project with your UPS read full post properly to avoid accident,note:-Don't touch wires with your hand directly because high voltage can kill you....The project is only for fun,I don't prefer to do this at your home....I got electric shock twice during this project....

So,Let's get started........

Step 1: Step 1:-Material and Tools Used...

If you have a dead UPS at your home..then you can start or you can buy a dead one from computer repairing shop.Here is the full material list...

1) A dead UPS

2)screw drivers

3)different types of metal piece



Step 2: Step 2:-How to Hack

First open the enclosure of the ups and take the battery and transformer out and also the circuit board find the main source wires(Neutral & Live) and connect the power plug with it.After that find the wire which is use to charge the battery and connect the metal connector with it(check image).After that connect the power plug to the mains AC source and short the battery charging wires the connector will sparking and connector will start heating..Now short this wires using Different types, sizes, and length of metal it will melt.It can't be able to melt heavy metal, but for small size and shapes of metal it it definitely do the job....Check video....

****Caution**** :-If you don't have knowledge about electronics then DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME....Because Ac voltage can kill you....

If you have confusion about it then fell free to comment.....and don't forget to like

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    2 Discussions


    2 years ago

    Really nice stuff.

    Keep it up.


    2 years ago

    Looks like you are bypassing the circuits altogether and using the secondary windings of the power transformer. If so, sooner or later that transformer isn't going to take it any longer. It wasn't wound to handle direct shorts do to the gauge of the secondary. When people make spot welders from old microwave transformers, they use heavy gauge replacement wires. Just saying.