Hacking Island With a Zip Line.




Intro: Hacking Island With a Zip Line.

Everyone has the ability to conquer their dreams.

All men think about conquering islands...

With wonmin zipline dreams become reality.

Find an island and conquer your dreams!

Step 1: Inventory

Step 2: Assembling

Step 3: Completed Assembly

Step 4: Throwing the Hook to the Island

Step 5: Tighten Wire

Step 6: Sliding Along the Wire..

Step 7: Conquered the Island

You are the king/queen now! Dance!

Step 8: Going Back

Going back by throwing from the top of the island to a lower part of the main land. Dancing makes you thirsty.

Step 9: Other People Enjoying Your Exploits



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    9 years ago on Introduction

    My brother and a friend did something like this many years ago, and one of them was hanging halfway for hours waiting until someone got a ladder high enough to download him.

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Its very dangerous with a zipline if you don't get the right angle. Too steep an angle and you could be going deadly fast by the time you reach the bottom, too shallow and you could get stuck in the middle. More concerns: Friction can build up quickly on a rope, be careful your instrument doesn't get too hot to hold or chew/burn through the rope. These issues need to be addressed.