Hacking Any Car With the Pebble Watch and 1Sheeld

The idea behind project was to be able to control any car without being inside the car, or physically pressing dashboard buttons/switches.

Using a wearable (Pebble watch), and 1Sheeld for Android (courtesy of 1Sheeld), I plan on making the entire process a key-less experience, be it locking/unlocking the car, switching on/off the headlights, etc.

Step 1: Materials Used

Huge shout out to Mika Wee, who helped in providing a shield-based components solution, to make the device wireless.


  1. Arduino Uno
  2. 1Sheeld (as an input receiver to communicate with an Android phone)
  3. Generic relay shield (as an output to complete a circuit)
  4. Android phone with Tasker (I used my Nexus 5 for this)
  5. Pebble Time
  6. Car


  1. Tasker
  2. PebbleTasker

Step 2: Assemble and Connect

With Arduino UNO as a base, place the 1Sheeld and 4 Relay Shield over it to complete the connections.



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