Hacking Toy Firearms for Halloween Costume



Introduction: Hacking Toy Firearms for Halloween Costume

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My position for the Haunted House is as the greeter and drawbridge operator so I don't usually dress up a lot, it's generally still warm here in Florida for Halloween so makeup tends to run and having a conversation with our guests while wearing a mask just doesn't work for me. This year I'll be channeling Dr. Von Helsing (the elder) One thing the doctor has is plenty of weapons, I have several crossbows in various sizes but I wanted some kind of firearms so here's a few I've hacked from off the shelf toys.

WARNING : modifying toy firearms to look realistic can get you in real trouble with the law, it can even get you SHOT ! Seriously, police officers don't play around, they WILL SHOOT YOU if they think you are going to point any kind of weapon at them !

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Step 1: The Pistol and Holster

I found 2 cowboy style .45's at the dollar general, they cost about $5.us for the pair. A small screwdriver removed the screw holding the bright orange don't shoot its a toy cap from the barrels and the conversion to an illegal weapon was finished. For the holsters I covered one with my favorite concoction of tissue and acrylic paint and added a piece of ducttape where the belt will wear on the loop, for the second holster I took the cardboard sleeve apart and turned it inside out before giving it the same treatment. A final coat of flat black paint and these are done !

Step 2: Saw It Off

Sorry, I seem to have either misplaced or just forgot to take pics of some steps! The shotgun is an over and under model from walmart, it breaks open to eject the shells and came with sound effects for about $10us. I taped off the areas I wanted to remove and attacked it with my dremel and a cutoff wheel. Notice that I removed the front inch or so of the barrels that has the sight molded on and glued it back to the shortened barrels. The area where I removed the shoulder stock was rebuilt using my favorite concoction of acrylic paint and tissue. I then painted the whole thing using black and brown paints. This is now a TOTALLY ILLEGAL toy ! ! ! I have a sling to attach to the sawedoff but I haven't figured out just how to attach it yet

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    a futher step could be to sand off the labels and make a faux wood grain