Introduction: Hahaha

This is a group of pranks as April is just around the corner!

Step 1: The Annoying Mouse Trick

Stick a bit of Sellotape on the bottom of a computer mouse and watch as the next person to use it fumbles around trying to find out what is wrong!

Step 2: The Water Thumb Trick

Get a victim and ask them which of their thumbnail is the biggest. now say that if you place your hands under a glass of water then the smallest thumbnail will look bigger then the other one. Now explain that this is because of refraction and place a pencil in a glass of water to show this. Then ask them if they would like to try it out. After this make them put their thumbs on the table and balance the glass of water on top. Now walk off and leave them!!!!! It's hilarious!!!!!!!!!

Step 3: The Snowy Umbrella

Get some hole punched circles and place them in someone's umbrella! These fall out when they shield themselves from the rain with it! Simple but effective!!!!!!

Step 4: The Mark on Face

Start by preparing a coin. Put pencil lead or felt tip on the side of the coin. Now you are ready. Get any coin and say to your victim I bet you can't do this. Rub a coin down your face from your forehead, over your nose, to your mouth! Next get out your prepared coin and give it to them to have a go. Make them do it as many times as possible, this way the mark will be thicker and easier to see. Try to keep a straight face until they have done it.

Step 5: The Classic Wet Paint Door

Put a sign on a door saying "wet paint, use other door!" Then lock the other door! Or possibly put something saying "hahahahahaha fooled you!! Use other door"

Step 6: A Great Party Prank

Go to the toilet and record footage of the empty toilet! Wait for a party and plug the camera into the tv and play the video when someone is in the toilet, when they walk in leave it playing and get everyone to start laughing!!! Watch as their face slowly turns red in embarrassment!!! This is a personal favourite.

Step 7: A Salty Brush

Put salt on someone's toothbrush!

Step 8: Thank You for Reading

Please vote, this is in the April fools competition. Any trouble you get into because of these pranks is YOUR falt

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    basic dormitory prank with very low creativity : was done (in Europe back in 1941) : sorry to say not worth an inst' nor a vote.