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Introduction: Hail the Bacon - Bloody Mary

I don't drink often but when I do, I drink a Bacon Mary! 

For all you spicy loving Bacon Heads out there this is for you. 

Step 1:

Get all your stuff together.  This is so worth it and best drink ever for a Brunch, Hangover fix, chilling with Bacon Heads or to get your Mom sloshed!   I so did that to her one weekend brunch she had two and took a nap.

This recipe is per glass.   I don't think it is possible to make just one of these.  

Get your favoriate Glass

1 cup of crushed  ice  
1 1/2oz bacon flavored vodka/regular vodka
8 ozs Bloody Mary Mix, I love Tabasco or Zing Zangs
Hot Sauce to Taste
Juice of half a lemon 
1 slice of Fried Applewood Smoked Bacon
Minced/Chopped Bacon to rim Glass
A sprinkle of salt and fresh ground black pepper
I love the salad, so I use, long skewers for holding my goodies.  YOu have to have Celery, Big Fat Stuffed Olives, Spicy Green Beens, Cherry Tomatoes and those little baby spicy Pickles, to Dress your Mary up as you like.

Step 2:

Prepare your bacon, I love a really good thick cut applewood bacon.  Trust me do not buy cheap thin bacon, it does not honor the pig. 

I like to go all out and of course deep fat fry it.  The bacon gods will bless you. 
This is really the way to go,  it gives the best crisp and crunch ever and holds up better in your drink.  Nothing worse than slimy mushy bacon with your Mary.  

I use a deep fat fryer or you can use a heavy fry pan with about 2 inches of frying oil,  Get your oil nice and hot and slide your bacon in a few slices at a time, making sure they don't stick together.  These lilttle lovlies only take about a minute or so until they are a golden brown.  Using tongs, I fish them out and set on a paper towel.  Take two pieces and chop finely with a good knife and chopping board or if you're lazy like me,  break out your food chopper/processor or Ninja!  Pulse and you have bacon crumbles!  I pour my crumbs on a papertowel to rim my glasses and this is so easy for clean up.

P.S. - I normally fry the whole pack of bacon, using 1 to 2 pieces per glass and 2 for crumbling for the rim of the glasses, as generally bacon heads hang out in packs! 

Step 3:

Assemble at will!

I like making these per glass to taste or get your crew and everyone makes their own. This goes over well and is a great way to start the party.

Grab your glass, and coat the rim with lemon juice, then give a swirl in your bacon crumbs, this looks amazing, like out of a posh foodie book and impresses the friends to no end.   Next,  toss in your ice, pour in your vodka, squeeze in your lemon, splash in your hot sauce, salt and pepper, pour in your Mary Mix till about 3/4 full, give it all a good stir.
Grab a wonderful piece of bacon, slide that baby in, add your garnish, and voile! Hail to the Bacon.

Serve and get out to the way, you will get mugged for one of these once tasted.  

Dear Bacon Head Friends, Grab a seat, smile and enjoy!  Make lots and share your friends will thank you.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    I am going to try this when I have everything. I will omit the booze and the mix and try tomato juice! I like Tabasco also! Thanks for sharing and do have a splendorous day!