Hail to Pitt!

Introduction: Hail to Pitt!

I decided to use the laser engraver to create a Mother's Day present.

Step 1: Sanding

After picking a piece of 8.5x11 inch wood, I used a piece of sandpaper to make it smooth.

Step 2: CorelDraw X8

I selected the Pitt logo because that is where my mom went to college. I drew a bitmap of it in CorelDraw x8 and edited out the parts that were added for copyright purposes.


After centering the image and the wood, I used the laser engraver to engrave the logo onto the wood.

Step 4: Painting

I used water colors to paint the logo blue and gold, the Pitt colors.



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    Fun project. I wish that I had access to a laser engraver. I would make stuff like this all the time.