HailStorm Decepticon Costume Made From Cardboard and Duck Tape

Introduction: HailStorm Decepticon Costume Made From Cardboard and Duck Tape

This is the Instructable for HailStorm the decepticon in transformers.. i wanted to do a transformer.. but i wanted to have some kinda major firepower.. so whats better than a pair of rocket launchers... on you shoulders?

Step 1: Materials


Huge Cardboard box or smaller cardboard boxes.. i used a large tv box

Scotch Duct tape.. silver, black or masking tape.. i used all 3.. masking tape gives a better smoother surface you can use to paint... the regular duct tape is stronger and can help in high stress areas or weight supporting areas

Step 2: Plan Your Cuts

i had a pretty big box but i still had not much board left.. so make sure you plan your cuts.. here is some break down.. the shoulder pads and arms are not included here.. but make sure you cut your big pieces 1st.. u can make the rest with scraps

Step 3: Slicing and Taping

i marked the cuts before hand with some sharpie.. when i thought it look good i started cutting

1st cuts where for the rocket launchers.. they are pretty straight forward .. just a pair of cubes and some holes drilled with a hole saw

chest plate once again just eyeballing my body shape and tried to match it with the boxes.. notice i cut the chestplate with two slices.. keep it attached to on the left and right side.. then taped it back together after pushing it king of close together,.. just to give it some detail.. sintead of having just a plain chest plate

cut some straight lines and ran cardboard belts to attach launchers to chest plate

Step 4: Arms and Tank Tracks Shoulder Pads

tank track pads are made of a straight solid cardboard bend and cut on the sides.. then duct taped to a D shaped piece of cardboard

arms are made of a hexagon shaped tube and some duct tape.. i made one with pingers ad the other one without.. cause i got to hold my drinks with one of my hands.. lol n cause i got lazy

Step 5: Spray Paint and Try It On

the actual HailStorm is green with some white accents.. but i found a grey one.. i dont like green and i had some silver paint laying around.. .. i went with silver.. kinda looks like War Machine on roids..

i used the belt system to attach the bots and duct taped it.. you can use grey duct tape ..

i'm not making a head mask.. cause i dont like wearing mask.. but with a costume like this.. you dont need a mask.. i think

Step 6: Missile Launchers Double As Beer Dispensers Lol

Here is the video of my costume in action


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    Neat! Do you have any unedited photos of the final product?


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    will update with new pics.. have some video too