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Introduction: Hair Braiding

Hello, if you’re interested in verifying your daily looks by always having different hairstyles, then braids might be a great solution. Braids are easy to make, time saving, and nice looking way of styling your hair. In this Instructable I will teach you how to braid 5 different braids: Dutch braid, Waterfall, French Waterfall, 5 strands braid, and the wreath out of knots (or simply a wreath).

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Step 1: Materials Required

You require the following items to be able to braid hair: comb, hairband(s), hair clips, and hair accessories (are not necessarily needed, but you can use them to make your hairstyle look nicer).

Step 2: Dutch Braid

This is a really simple braid which will take you only about 5 minutes to make. Its advantage is that it looks as if it’s complicated, however, it’s really easy to braid even on your own hair.

1. Take 3 equal strands of hair. They shouldn’t be too thick because you want to start of with a thin braid and then increase the thickness by including the loose hair.

2. First you take one of the strands and put it under the middle one.

3. Take the third strand (the one that was not involved so far) and put it under the first one but upon the middle one.

4. Now you have two loose ends on one side and one on the other side. Take the one that it further away and put it under the 1st strand but upon the third one.

5. Now there are two loose ends formed on the opposite side. Always repeat the same step, however, now you should be adding bits of free hair to the strand you are using in the moment. This will create an interesting effect and elongate your braid.

6. If you want to add volume to your braid then pull out the strand form the braid. Don’t pull too much if you don’t want the braid to fall apart.

Step 3: Waterfall

Waterfall is a simple braid which requires 3 strands of hair. It can be braided on one side, using only a part of your hair. If you want to braid all your hair then you should braid two waterfall braids and simply connected them with a hairband in the middle of your head from behind.

  1. Take 3 equal strands of hair.
  2. Start braiding a regular braid(put the downer strand over the middle one)
  3. Take the upper strand and put over the middle one and leave it out. To replace the strand just take some free hair and continue braiding as usual.
  4. Every time you bring the upper stand down leave it out and replace it with a new strand of free hair.

Step 4: French Waterfall

This braid

is similar to Waterfall but it requires 4 strands of hair. It creates an interesting chain effect. Similarly to the simple waterfall it is braided on a side of the head.

  1. Take 4 equal strands of hair
  2. Cross 2 middle strands
  3. Cross 2 outermost strands
  4. Connect one of the inner strands with one of the outermost strands, so that you have 2 thick strands
  5. Take a strand of free hair and put it in between the other two strands and just leave out
  6. Divide the upper strand in two parts and put the downer strand in between
  7. Connect the strand again
  8. Always repeat steps 5-6

Step 5: 5 Starnd Braid

This braidis more complicated in compare to the others, but therefore it also looks fabulous.

  1. Take 5 equal strands of hair
  2. Start braiding a regular braid using 3 middle strands
  3. Then take on of the outer strands and put it under the strand next to it and then over the middle one
  4. Do the same with another outer strand
  5. Continue doing it adding free hair to your working strands

Step 6: Wreath

This is a very beautiful hairstyle which is easy to make. It is perfect for celebrations or any other special event because it looks formal and fancy at the same time.

  1. Take two strands of hair and make a knot. It is important not to confuse which strand is the upper one and which is the downer one
  2. Add more hair to both of the strands and make another knot
  3. Continue doing it braiding the wreath around the head
  4. Once you have no free hair left just continue knotting
  5. Hide the “tale” under the actual wreath and fixate it with hair clips

Thank you for reading my instructable. Please leave me some coments!:)

Step 7:

Step 8:

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    3 years ago

    You posted this Instructable more than a year ago, and I hope you check in once in awhile to read your comments because GREAT JOB! The braids are beautiful, photo's are excellent, written instructions are kept simple and easy, and your hand-drawn illustrations are wonderful! Your overall instructions make me believe I can do these!


    4 years ago on Introduction

    I love all of the different hair styles, they are beautiful! Also, you have some spelling errors in the red text on the images, just letting you know. Thanks!