Hair Cutting Guide for Layered Hair




Introduction: Hair Cutting Guide for Layered Hair

So my friend shows me the creaclip so I have a look and say "You what to pay what for 2 pieces of plastic with a hinge?" and embarked on this project.

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Step 1: Materials and Tools

So here is the list of tools I used:

Tape Measure
Screw driver

I know have a fairly limited set but I don't do many projects (I'm sure a dremel kit would have helped).
And here is the list of materials (note: this is for 2 sets, get less material if you only want one):

5' door jam
Set of 2 hinges and screws

The total cost of materials for both clips is $5. I ended up making 2 of these guides since 5' was the shortest door jam I could get and the small hinges came in packages of 2 as well.

Step 2: Measure, Mark and Cut

Measure, mark and cut the door jam into 4 pieces, or however long you want your clip to be. You can see I made this one about 15".

After cutting, sand down the ends so you get a nice finish.

Step 3: Make Space for the Hinge

Figure out where the hinge will go and mark it. Then carefully use the saw to remove material for the space for the hinge.
Check frequently to see when you have removed enough material.

Step 4: Add the Hinge

Now mark the holes, drill them with a bit smaller than the width of the screw. The first one I didn't drill and I split the wood (good thing there are 2 ends to a stick).
Screw in the screws and then file them down on the other side.
You could add some glue if you wanted to help the screws stay in there.

Step 5: Finishing Steps

So now you are basically done. I added a mineral oil finish to this one just to help protect the wood a bit and I use an elastic to hold the clip together when in use. You could also use a big binder clip to hold the other end. Or if you're more handy than me, you could add a clasp or latch of some sort and add the levelling bubble if you really want. Another upgrade would be to add some small comb teeth somehow but I wanted to keep this simple so that's it. Use it just like the creaclip. Enjoy!

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    6 years ago

    So how do you use this exactly?


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Like the CreaClip ( but obviously this is not quite the same.