Hair Drier Prank 1.2


Introduction: Hair Drier Prank 1.2

This is an Instructable that is devoted to the effective and messy prank of chalk dust in a hair drier.

Step 1: Materials

This is a very simple prank that only consist of 3 things: 1) chalk dust or chalk 2) a hair drier and 3) a victim >:).

Step 2: Prep

The first thing you have to do for this prank is locate your victims hair drier. Once you have located the hair drier just add a some chalk dust into the front. Or if you only chalk, grind the chalk with something into a very fine dust. Remember a little chalk dust goes a long way and if you add to much then you could cause the hair drier to over heat. Once you have added the chalk dust to the hair drier hang it so that the front is facing up.

Step 3: Sit Back and Wait

The final and personally my favorite step is to just sit and wait until your victim steps out of the shower and turns on the hair drier to dry his or her hair off, only to be covered in disgusting chalk dust. After the prank is pulled run in to see the aftermath and yell "April Fools!"



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    you could use powdered glue for people you hate, so their hair gets all gooey then stuck together

    Umm, haven't you heard of flour mill and grain silo explosions? This 'harmless' prank could easily result in the hairdryer becoming a flamethrower if the mid-air air/flour mix were right. Fine particles of flour, sawdust, and other materials can easily ignite.

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    Yeah, I'd be concerned about that too. Although I bet chalk dust would be relatively safe. The more brightly colored the better.

    With a match, you can light IRON powder (sprinkled down over it). I am sure the proper mix of air and heat here could be a problem (probably not always, but it concerns me).

    Quite true. In fact, you can light the finer grades of steel wool (probably 00 and finer) with a match.

    Yes, I had forgotten about that. Just demonstrating that Chalk in powdered form "blown" from a very heated source could flash.

    What if you could turn off the heating element?? My dryer can, there is a seperate switch.

    That's true....I forgot about those kind. My wife has one of those too (but her other ones are heated all the time, you can only adjust the temp)

    Iron powder, asbestos, and nearly anything, if pulverized into fine enough powder will not only burn, but will flash.

    Doesn't the heating element have to warm up for a minute or two? How long will the dust be in there for? I rest my case.

    It could be overloaded (it is possible in other words) and how long to heat up the elements? On ones I have used, you flick the switch, and by the time you hear the click of the switch, the elements are hot. I didn't say it would happen all the time or even most of the time, just that it was possible. I have had my eyebrows burned off too many times to risk some things...

    Yeah, I guess there's no harm in being cautios... Just saying that it's very unlikely.

    although I did just notice, you do have a warning about too much chalk dust being put in might overheat the dryer, so maybe I was being overly pedetentous. My apologies.

    After many hours of trying to blow up flour i conclude that it is extremely hard to cause flour to burn, i know it can but what percentage of flour mills exploded? I mean c'mon, its over cautious ppl tht take the fun out of alot of things, just have fun, live in the moment and damn the consequences - your dying every minute that passes by, you may as well enjoy the ride!

    all the flour will be blown out of the hairdryer before it will heat up enough to set the flour on fire.