Hair Style With Hearts (Valentine's Day)

Introduction: Hair Style With Hearts (Valentine's Day)

About: I am a Wife, Mom of 4, Accountant, YouTuber, Blogger and the list goes on and on. What I love most is God, my Family, and simply having fun! My goal is to teach Mom's how to care for their daughter's hair. ...

I did this style on my then toddlers hair 8 years ago! I filmed it for you tube 2 years later. Fast forward today, It's been on YouTube since 2011 and my daughter is now 11! I don't think Instructables has been around that long! This is one of my most popular hairstyles and I want to share it with you. This won't be going out of style anytime soon because love is always IN right?

I hope you enjoy this Valentine's Day hair style tutorial and your little one loves wearing this style! She's sure to get tons of compliments!

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    My youngest is now eleven. Her hair has always been difficult to care for and style. My family is mixed heritage; Afro-Carribean, Native, Scottish, and Eastern European. So it's very thick, heavy, and textured, with a tendency to tighten and knot up in different spots all over if not well conditioned or oiled. I love that her hair will hold twists and braids and I think she might like to try this style next month. Thanks for posting this!
    By the way, your daughter is very lovely and the style was super adorable. Thanks to her too for letting you showcase a great hair style!
    - Annie

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    Thank you! I'm sure my youtube channel and blog will give you tops on how to care for and manage her hair! Check them out when you get a moment.