Hair Styles

This is how u make a cute Hairstyle ?

Step 1:

Grab two pieces of hair from the front and twist both of them together !

Step 2:

Do the same to the other side so u can have two of the same thing

Step 3:

Now put the hair extra hair on the bottom into a ponytail

Step 4:

Now wrap the two twist things around the ponytail and secure them with boby pins

Step 5:

Step 6:

Secure them with boby pins

Step 7:

Twist the hair from the ponytail

Step 8:

Now turn the twisted hair to the left and keep on turning it until u see a bun

Step 9:

Now secure the bun with boby pins .Pin the whole bun so it could be stable

Step 10:

That's the final look of the hairstyles !

Step 11:



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    3 Discussions


    2 years ago

    I'm intrigued by those two pieces of hair, you begin with, and twist together. I would like to see a profile photo of the model's head that highlights those twists - they look lovely in steps one, two, and three!


    2 years ago

    Good start with good pics. A little more text would be helpful.


    Nice tutorial. If you add a little more text, it would help readers to follow along with the steps.