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Introduction: Hair Feathers Accessory

Feather extensions are trending hard right now, and I'm a huge fan.

 I love the original idea, but they're too complicated and permanent for me. I imagine painful hair-brushing and frustration which would lead me to cut them out within a week...

So here's my less-complicated feather accessory tutorial!

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Step 1:

STEP ONE: Start with some craft feathers (available at craft stores, or the dollar store), thread (try to find some which matches your hair colour), a sewing needle, and some bobby pins. Optional: SuperGlue.

Step 2:

STEP TWO: Choose your feathers, and thread about 3 feet of thread through your needle. Suggestion: Pick one long feather, and one shorter feather for a neat effect. 

Step 3:

STEP THREE: Poke holes through the base of your feathers (close to the feather). I suggest using a push-pin or thumbtack to do this, as using the needle is tough. Thread the needle through the holes in your feathers.

Step 4:

STEP FOUR: Wrap the thread around and between your feathers to secure them together.

Step 5:

STEP FIVE: Push your feathers through a bobby pin. Leave the wrapped part of your feathers sticking out above the pin. Wrap thread around the feathers and bobby pin to secure them.

Step 6:

STEP SIX: If you have plenty of thread left hanging out, figure a way to tie both ends together. If not, simply superglue the end of the thread to the rest of the thread mess. Snip away any loose thread, and the tips of the feathers.

Step 7:

And enjoy your lovely new accessories!!
PROTIP: Pin your feathers close to your roots, and secure them with another bobby pin. Cover the pins with your hair.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Hi guys, very inexpensive, quality hair feathers are in stock right now at:

    diana chu
    diana chu

    8 years ago on Introduction

    Bravo!, I have two conures and when they change feathers I just throw them away. I always wondered if I could make something with them. Gracias por la idea.