Hairbands Using Grossery Rubber Bands



Introduction: Hairbands Using Grossery Rubber Bands

Little girls are fond of colorful things like hair bands and hair pins but loose these little things very easily at school or play areas. Instead buying, we can make these at home using trivial things that go into trash like grossery bands that come with veggies and fruits. This saves money and re-utilizes the non degradable materials.

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Step 1: Let Us Start Gathering Materials

You need just few things for making these hairbands.

1. Elastic or rubber bands of size 6" when cut into a string (2 for each hairband)

2. A fabric of size 18" long and 2 -4" broad depending on broad you wish the band to be. A fabric with bright prints, especially with some shining colors will look better.

3. Safety pins, sewing thread of matching color and needle

Step 2: Making the Hairband

1. Using the piece of fabric of your choice, make a hollow strip of about 18" long. The length will vary according to baby's head size. You need to either measure or use existing band to decide the length.

2. Tie two safety pins one at each end of the elastic or rubber band. You need to make tight knots. Using one of the pins insert the elastic to the fabric strip. Now move in the elastic in through the hollow strip with the help of other safety pin.

3. Without removing the pins, tie up the ends of elastic band tightly. Remove the pins and stitch the two ends of fabrics lightly overlapping one on other.

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