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Introduction: Hairdryer Lamp

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Touring trough thrift stores in my area I found this beautiful 70ies hair dryer. I just HAD to convert it into a lamp!

Step 1: Take It Apart

As the title of this step says: Take it apart! Then decide which parts to use and which to throw. I got rid of the motor and the heating.
Give the rest a good cleaning.
I opened the switch with a pryer to check the possibilities on the lighting. Four positions were possible: all off // all on // 1+2 on, 3 off // 1+3 on, 2 off

Step 2: Have a Break and Listen to the Radio

It helps a lot to take a break, think and of course have a trip to the next hardware store to buy parts.

Step 3: Reassembly and Wiring

As I had four possible combinations I decided on 3 lamps in different Watt numbers. One lower and two brighter ones.
The four positions were: all off // 1+2 on, 3 off // 1+3 on, 2 off // all on So number one got the lower Watt the others the brighter ones.
I fixed the light sockets to the existing fixtures, so that the bulbs didn't get to close to the housing. The wiring was a bit try and error, but it finally worked out to my liking.

Step 4: Enjoy!

I like the light it gives. It's perfect for reading on the couch...

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    7 years ago

    Great idea thanks for posting