Hairstyle for Short Hair

hi guys so long that i havent published any instructable today i going to published the most important instructable that everyone is asking for hairstyles for short hair. sometims i feel that why did i just cut my hair it look so bad but now as iam used to it i like to share one beautiful hairstyle which you can do in everyday basis.

Step 1: The Easy One

hey here is now the most intersting hairstyle whuch you can do iin daily basis or everyday

let your hair open and comb it your an apply some oil if yur hair is unmanageble

then just roll the front part of your hair as show in the image

then just clip the rolled hair on one side and take small thread of hair and clip it on the other side

thats it !!!!!!!! your are done with the hairstyle now you can do it in your schools as it is so easy and does not consume time at all



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