Hairstyles for Hair Sticks




Introduction: Hairstyles for Hair Sticks

Here are several hairstyles, gathered from my own experience as well as various places on the web, that demonstrate different ways hair sticks can be used.

Hair sticks are fun, and actually pretty easy to use. The best way to insert a hair stick is to push it gently into your hair and sort of weave it up and down as you draw it through your style (bun, braid, ponytail, etc.) so as to anchor it. Don't be afraid to push the stick all the way down to your scalp; it makes the hold even more secure.

Hopefully I haven't missed any steps, and everything is clear enough to follow. The pictures were all taken in my kitchen by my friend, and they all feature my hair. But don't get too excited--it has since been cut.

Step 1: My Favorite Bun (Cinnamon Bun Variation)

I start putting my hair in this bun as soon as it's long enough; adding hair sticks makes it look much more elegant and keeps it very stable. Just a note--my hair is quite long in these photos (just past my butt), so my finished product may look kind of different from what you do with your hair. But you DON'T need hair as long as this to successfully use hair sticks--if you can put your hair up, chances are you can use them.

On to the bun!

1. Gather hair together at crown; twist entire length.

2. Coil entire length of hair, putting each successive layer beneath the previous one, so that you end with a column of hair (the height of which varies depending on the length of your hair).

3. Take top coil of column and pull out, pulling it down so that it surrounds the column, flattening the entire bun. Tuck ends. Insert one or two hair sticks to secure bun.

Step 2: Cinnamon Bun

1. Gather hair together at crown; twist entire length.

2. Coil entire length of hair, starting with a small coil and surrounding it with each successive coil, keeping the bun flat to the head.

3. Tuck ends, secure with hair tie. Secure the rest of the bun with one or two hair sticks.

Step 3: Chinese Bun

1. Gather hair into ponytail at crown. Secure with hair tie of choice.

2. Insert hair stick through gathered hair, behind hair tie.

3. Separate hair into two equal parts.

4. Wind each piece around hair tie, behind hair stick. Tuck ends in, or secure with hair clips/pins.

Step 4: Chinese Braided Bun

1. Gather hair into ponytail at crown. Secure with hair tie of choice. (This can also be done without securing with a hair tie; just make two braids at the back of your head, spaced as closely together as possible.)

2. Divide hair into two equal parts; braid each part so that you end up with two braids.

3. Insert hair stick through gathered hair, behind hair tie.

4. Wind each braid around hair tie, behind hair stick. Tuck in ends, or secure with hair clips/pins.

Step 5: Sock Bun

1. Clip a small hole in a sock (the size of the sock bun will be determined by the size of the sock) and roll from the toes up.

2. Gather hair high up on head, around the crown, and secure with ponytail holder.

3. Twist hair into a rope and slide sock up the length, pushing it against the hair tie. Let hair untwist.

4. Lean over; spread hair back over the sock, covering it entirely. Use another ponytail holder to secure spread-out hair over the sock.

5. Stand up straight; gently push hair down so that the remainder (if you have a remainder) spreads out under the newly-created sock bun. Do whatever you wish with this; braid and twist around bun, simply twist around bun, let hang. At any point, a hair stick can be used to increase the stability of the bun or for decoration.

Step 6: Figure-8 Bun

1. Gather hair at crown. If you desire, secure with a ponytail holder.

2. Coil entire length of hair, putting each successive layer beneath the previous one, so that you end with a column of hair (the height of which varies depending on the length of your hair).

3. Grasp top-most coil. Pull out and up, laying flat on top of the rest of your head. The resulting look should resemble a figure 8.

4. Secure bun with hair stick(s).

Step 7: Hair Knot

(This is a small bun with a ponytail coming out.)

1. Gather hair at crown. Twist entire length and bring over and around, actually tying your hair in a knot.

2. Let the part of the knot coming out hang out loosely. Secure knot with one or two hair sticks.

3. Let ends hang loosely, or braid.

Step 8: Dutch Braid Bun

1. Plait your hair Dutch style (very similar to French style; instead of bringing pieces over, bring them under.)

2. Gather braid and coil it into a bun.

3. Secure with one or two hair sticks.

Step 9: Half-Bun

In this style, a small bun is created by gathering the top part of your hair and letting the rest hang down. The final look of this style, and of course the size of the bun, is greatly determined by the length and thickness of your hair.

1. Gather top half of hair into bun style of choice.

2. Secure with hair stick.



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    54 Discussions

    Gonna do the sock bun too... The repurposed orphaned sock ideas post is what got me here, after all!

    Whoaaaaa! Yeah! I can totally follow these tutorials... The figure-eight bun is a little harder, but the rest?? AaAWESOME!! I have suuuuper thick, suuuuper wavy shoulder-length hair n (before I get it cut short) I'm totally gonna try th Chinese bun w a hair stick or two... I love using funky swizzle stix in my hair!! I'm currently loving some sea life swizzle sticks... This is gonna rock! I love the braided Chinese bun, too... Maybe I'll take pix if the buns look cool... Thanks!!!!!

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    I saw this hairstyle on many girls, though it s hard :)

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    I have really long hair that I love but need out of the way some times.
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    Thanks for the great ideas!

    Awesome! My friend Sam has reeeaaalllyy long hair (beyond her hips) and she would love this!

    I have been using "hairsticks" for 30 years now. Of course mine are all chopsticks that came decorated and I added charms on the ends or are Love that you did the pictures, but consider a video. I have tried to show my younger friends how to twist their hair, unfortunately I am left handed and they are right. I seem to confuse them. You did a great job with the pics, but a bit more would be wonderful.
    Thanks for posting your ible.

    I have natural curly hair, so most of these are useless for me, but i recommended to a friend who was looking for good instruction on hairstyles with hairsticks and she loved it. Great instructions :D

    Very pretty. I have long hair, too, so it's nice to see different variations than my usual "stick it up in a bun with a stick" style :)

    What do you use to keep your hair shiny and what do you shampoo it with?
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    heyy i was wondering if u could do a vidoe about treating your hair and im not a freak but your hair looks amazing and im trying to grow my hair out so i was just wondering thanks great job by the way


    I use hair stick for special occasions but use 3 inch long hair pins or claw clips the rest of the time. I usually just wind it around like the cinnamon bun. It's really exciting to find something new to do with my long hair!

    I'm also excited to see your hair sticks! I don't know how to get in tough with your aunt and find out if she could make some for me. Can you have her get in touch with me?