Half a Dozen Ways to Color Easter Eggs




Introduction: Half a Dozen Ways to Color Easter Eggs

Learn six different ways to color beautiful Easter eggs. Colored eggs make a wonderful addition to any Easter basket and they taste great too!



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    If you use a white crayon to draw on the egg before dying, it makes it look like you only dyed parts of the egg. It gives a neat effect.

    Try onion skin. Another couple of natural dye sources are Woad and Indigo.

    Those are ingenious methods! I never heard of the crayons, the splatter, or the sticker methods before. Again, INGENIOUS!

    A couple of kids took eggs from a hens nest and colored them in all sorts of colors, then put them back in the nest. Then the rooster came along. When seeing the eggs he went ballistic and beat the crap out of the peacock.

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    I recall that some flowers that dropped off trees in the early spring would leave purplish spots on the sidewalk for about a week after. I think they were cottonwood, but I'm not sure.

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    We have a giant cottonwood in our backyard, and it does not bear flowers. But I know what you meant, and that does sound interesting.

    Here's another way to dye Easter eggs. Take some tissue paper and cut it into small pieces (dark colours work best). Wet the tissue paper, and apply it it all over the outside of the egg. When the tissue paper dries, it will peel off, but the colours will be left behind.