Half Frankenstein




Introduction: Half Frankenstein

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Step 1: Red Line

First I took a red body paint and drew a line down the middle of my face.

Step 2: Base

on one side I covered my face with normal foundation, on the other side I used light green body paint.

Step 3: Green Eye Shadow

I took a dark green eye shadow to contour the Frankenstein side, the nose, cheek, forehead, and chin. then I also went over the side of the cut.

Step 4: Highlights

I took a cream white makeup to highlight the Frankenstein side, the cheek and forehead. then I took a white body paint to highlight the inside of the big cut.

Step 5: Irritation

I used red eyeshadow on the side of the cut to make it look like it's irritated.

Step 6: Stiches

I used black body paint to draw on stiches. then I took a red body paint to dot the end of each stitch. then I took a black eyeshadow to shadow under each stitch. next I took a white body paint to highlight the top of each stitch. lastly I took some red eyeshadow to the end on each stitch.

Step 7: Eyes

for the eye makeup I used purple eyeshadow on the crease of my lid and black eyeshadow on the lid. then I used a liquid eyeliner to make a wing. then added mascara.

Step 8: Small Cut

Then using the same steps on the big cut I made a little cut on my forehead.

Step 9: White

I added a white strip to my hair with white body paint.

Step 10: Bolt

I made a bolt with clay, I used spirit gum to attach it. I painted it with silver body paint then used a liquid eyeliner to add details.

Step 11: Lips

then I took a black lipstick and put it on.



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    That is totally wicked!

    I think the mirror thing would mess me up! I have a hard time trimming my beard because of it, ;-)

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