Half Life 2 Glowing Bolt Crossbow




Introduction: Half Life 2 Glowing Bolt Crossbow

Let's do it...HALF LIFE STYLE B**CHES ><
Glowing tips hurt more than regular tips I thought, so here we go:

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Step 1: The HALF LIFE 2 STYLE CROSSBOW (tips Will Glow Red :> )


- Dremel tool plus drill bits and cutting wheel

- Files rough and fine

- Soldering iron

- Scissors

- Screwdriver

- Jig-saw and metal-saw

- 3mm nails for the bolt-tips

- 3mm alu-tube for the bolts

- clear tape for tiny wings


- U-sections and or squar-tubing (alu), sliding into each other (as shown in the vid)

- M3 screws / M2 screws (or similar)

- Springsteel 15mm

- Battery-holders (Li Ion 18650)

- Trigger from the last video :p

- 5mm spacers (plastic or some tubing)

- 1mm solderable steel-string

- Alu-L-section, 3mm thick at least

- M4 screws (for the bow)

- Momentary switch

- Red and black wire, 2-3mm for the board and battery connections, 2 Amps flowing!

- Some scrap wood for the grip

Step 2: The Board

Bought on banggood dot com, works fine, so get one of those, bend the coil the way I did,

and you are ready to glue it to a piece of U-section, which will go under the bow as shown

in the video.

Step 3: Arrows / Bolts

Fabricate the bow first, then measure how long the bolts have to be to go into the coil!

30% of the bolt = steel / nail, so cut off the head of a 3mm nail and put it in your dremel,

hold it against a rough file until you have a shaft fitting the 3mm alu-tube. Tape in the rear,

cut in shape with a pair of scissors and here we go, we have a bolt!

Step 4: The Bow

Spring-steel, 15mm wide, you need hardmetal drill bits to make holes, OR more than just one

regular drill-bit :p be patient or buy the right tools, both will work :>

Drill two 4mm holes in one side, 1mm hole in the other (for the string). 2 screws, M4 plus nuts and

an L-section to mount it. Check out the video, do what I did and off to the next step!

The bow is made of U-sections, as shown in the video. The string has to slide over the edge,
so make it as smooth as possible. Install the trigger (previous instructable) as shown, and go
from there. Mount the bow where it is stressed not to 110%, but maybe 90%.

Attach the bolt-rest as shown, more U-sections, piece of cake. Add the square tubing for the battery-
holders and screw them into place, in case you want to use a rail, do what I did, 1 screw to hold both.
Cut out and attach a grip (whatever fits your gusto / style, does not HAVE to look like mine) by using another (wow) U-section. Then mount the coil on the front, you might have to use your cutting wheel
to cut out a channel for the coil-wires.

Solder the battery-holders together, - to + so in series. - goes to the board directly, + to the momentary- switch you screw to the side, and from there to the board. And we are actually done.

Step 5: Instructional Video

Watch it twice or more times if you have to, takes time to make it work, but its worth every second.

Funny lil toy :)

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