Half-dead Lobotomized Man Getting Out of a Gutter

Introduction: Half-dead Lobotomized Man Getting Out of a Gutter

I have drawn inspiration from Spawn comics to create this scary and fully edible treat. The idea was to create a scene which shows a half-dead lobotomized man trying to get out of a gutter.

- Wheat flour
- Rice flour
- White chocolate
- Whole pepper
- Fine sugar
- Food coloring (Red)
- Cling wrap
- Platter/Plate with a bit of depth

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Step 1:

Before starting, take a piece of kitchen paper towel and place it on the platter. I did this to conceal the designs on the platter that I have. Put cling wrap on the top so that you don't have to bother about cleaning the platter later. It also helps to keep the dough from sticking to the platter, making it easy for molding

Step 2:

How to make the brain:
Knead the rice flour by adding some sugar. Keep a small bit of the dough for the eyes aside. Mix a small bit of red food coloring to the rest of the dough to it to give it a pinkish color. Take small dollops of flour and roll them on a flat surface to get make thin tubes. Start placing the tubes in a twisted manner on the top of the platter. Place the tubes such they resemble the two sides of the brain.

Step 3:

Add some sugar and knead the wheat flour to get a good consistency which you can easily mold. Adding sugar makes the dough edible. Use this to create the shape of the face and place it on the platter. Keep it flat for now. We would be adding more details like the forehead, nose etc later.

Also create both the hands and keep it aside for now

Step 4:

Take some more wheat dough and place it on the flat face surface to create additional features like the forehead and nose. Make some depression where to create eye sockets and the mouth

Step 5:

Use the rice flour kept aside in step 2 to make small rolls for the eyes. Flatter the bottom and place them inside the depression created for the eye socket.

Use a kitchen knife to make slashes and cuts on the face and nose so that it resembles scars and stiches

Step 6:

Place the whole pepper in the middle of the eyes. Cut the white chocolate into long pieces and sharpen ends. Place it inside the depression created for the mouth and push it a bit inside on both the upper and lower sides of the mouth

Step 7:

Mix a little bit of rice flour and red food coloring and water to form the blood. Add the food color generously to get a deep red hue. Do not make the mix very dilute. Just enough that it sticks to the surface of the face and sides of the platter

Step 8:

Pour the blood mix all around the face and head. Also smear some of it on the brain and other parts of the face. Pour the rest of the mix on the platter and cover all the sides so that it feels like the head is floating on a pool of blood.

Step 9:

Place the hands on the side of the platter such that the hands are gripping the plate. Use 2 small glass bowls to support the hands if required.

There you go!! Use this to decorate the table on Halloween night. And of course, the whole head is edible. So dig in and savor the bloody treat

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