Half Life 2 G-man Costume and Briefcase

About: hello im am gordonfreemanisalive 23. i am a huge fan of half life , legos , portal, and cod black ops 2 zombies.

Intro: Half Life 2 G-man Costume and Briefcase

Today I will show you how to be the G-man for cheap.

Step 1: "materials MR.Freeman"

a hersheys fund raiser box,

yellow paint,

duct tape,

 black spray paint,

a blue 2 peice suit

white undershirt

red tie

Step 2: Beggining

get the box and duct tape any open parts

then spray paint it black ( let it dry)

get the yellow paint and pant the yellow details.

( let it dry)

Step 3: Finishing

put on the white undershirt

and tie

then the 2 piece suit.

Step 4: Done !

now you are finished, now you can be gman for halloween!

"No regrets Mr.Freeman".



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