Halloween 2012 Sword

I originally wanted to make a thing I saw on dA just to make a thing I saw on dA. That didn't pan out, but I still had a wooden sword blank I liked and an incomplete set of Halloween armor. The solution was obvious.

The final look was equal parts artistic expression and laziness. I was imagining some ancient weapon, continuously used and retired and reused and neglected, as good and evil rise and fall across ages. It's also easier to make something look worn out and old instead of new and polished, and I was pressed for time.

-I forget the exact material, but knowing me it was made from the finest scrap poplar and cotton rags from other aborted projects

-The blade was smoothed out with auto body filler and spray painted after what seemed like too much sanding. This was before I discovered the miracle that is aluminum tape, but it worked all the same. It's pitted everywhere, but I was trying for an old-looking weapon anyway

-I couldn't get the sheath wrapped as tight as I wanted and it was looking rather naked, so I tied it down with some thick cord I happened to have

-It all still looked a bit plain and I had a ton of scrap fabric left, so I tied it all to the hilt for some extra character. At some point, a cedar disc normally used to repel moths from clothing hitched a ride

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