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About: I've been sewing and crafting since a very early age about 8 or 10. I love it and has become my new passion in life to become a full time costumer.

  My group of friends and I wanted to go this year as batman villains.  I made three of the ones in our group.  I was Poison Ivy, my husband the Riddler and our friend was Bane.
 Ivy was a full corset made with twill and a mixture of solid steel and coiled boning.  I lined it with batman fabric for a nice chuckle.  I attached a pantylike piece to it before covering the whole thing with plastic ivy leaves.  I sprayed these with a gloss coat before hot gluing them to the whole thing.  I made my eyebrows out of crayola model magic and painted them.  They were put on with spirit gum.  My gloves were a stretchy mesh material that I found and painted the correct color then used buttons without the shanks as embellishments   I also made a cloak so that I could stay warm out of a crushed panne.
 The Riddler costume was a three piece suit made out of green corduroy and lined with a purple silky material.  I used simplicity patters to create it but altered them to add tails.  The gloves are a stretch swim knit, very hard to work with but made good gloves.  We store bought a boulder hat which I then covered with green costume satin and the same twill as the tie to make the purple band.  The question marks were made using a template i made with my Cricut.  I them embroidered around them to finish them off.  My father made the question mark cane out of oak by routing it to the correct shape.  I gave it the gold finish.  
The Bane costume was the easiest of the three.  The mask was made off of modifying a cat costume hood.  The red eye holes are tulle when the rest of the mask is a knit.  I put a zipper in it for easy access for when I put tubing coming from it to the faux leather gauntlets.  In the tubing was battery powered led lights so Bane could power up.  The gloves are made from the same faux leather.  The shirt was a suiting material.  The utility belt was made from nylon belting and some vynal to make the pouches.   We were so lucky to have the help of a photographer friend to capture what I had created.

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    hey, how'd you hake the riddler's cane?
    i'm being the Riddler for halloween this year, and have seen a couple "Okay" designs, but i like this one. did you buy it, or make it?