Halloween Aged Lit Plastic Pumpkin



Introduction: Halloween Aged Lit Plastic Pumpkin

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This one was another quick and easy one.

Step 1:

I love the old school plug-in pumpkins that you can pick up at almost any Target/Walmart etc... The only down side - they always look so incredibly fake. I researched and found how to make them look more realistic.

Step 2:

I used mostly burnt umber acrylic paint with a bit of black acrylic paint. Paint it overtop and then wipe most off with a paper towel, sponge or old rag.

Step 3:

This is just one coat. I wanted a more "Aged" look so I did this same process around three times. Don't forget the stem (which I also added a bit of green as well).

Step 4:

I darkened the inside of the mouth, nose and eyes too. Now they don't look as fake. Ya!!!

Step 5:

Here are the pumpkins all "aged" up. Now to the basement for a quick waterproof clear spray paint and they are ready to go!

Step 6:

I ended up putting the Pumpkins on stakes at the front of my "Cemetery" walkway. I liked that they were now not that super bright fake orange color anymore.

Step 7:

And a quick shot at night when they are plugged in and all lit up for the night.

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