3D Printed Halloween BLOXikins Characters

Introduction: 3D Printed Halloween BLOXikins Characters

Hello fellow friends,

These are the BLOXikins which I have made to enter the 3D printing contest. I have made over 10 BLOXikins (some of them would've not been displayed on the pictures) and I would think that these BLOXikins could be a fancy of decoration when it is Halloween. These are a collection of BLOXikins and I would think that this would be suitable for the kids to play with as puppets and to display. These would be clearly 3D printed with soft plastic (hard plastic which can be option for your choice with your 3D printer.

I will try and make this available for all of you to download and 3D print in your own time, so please check back soon!

So, anyways I would find these characters useful and creative for this 3D printing contest. So, if you like them - why don't you share this on to your friends and also favourite this to your favourites! :)

Thank you!

Halloween BLOXikins created by BenjaminH2 (Benjamin Hall)

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    5 years ago

    Updated the Instructable. New name, edited description to make it more on 3D printed side.