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My Dad and I worked on a book prop for Halloween. We were trying to make some inexpensive complementary decorations. For our upcoming Halloween party. I think we might do a sort of wizard and witch (HP) party. Not exclusively tied to the movies.  We have been working on a class room something you might expect to find in defense against the Dark arts. 

So here are two of the books we made. Hope someone is inspired by this. 

This is only my second "Instructables" 

Step 1: The Book!

We found the books on 70% off clearance @ a local craft store (Mikes) so we got 2 for about $4. Then  I drew out the design I wanted in pencil. It didn't show up great in the pictures. 

Step 2: Following Your Design, We Love Hot Glue!!!!

Dad and I used the hot glue gun set on low to follow my design. And traced the outline with the glue. Take you time and let the glue cool before adding more. We had to stop a few time to let it cool so we could build the tree trunk up. I'm really glad I left the knot hole in the trunk. 

Step 3: Making It Look Like Bark.

My Dad did this part. He made up and down strokes with the glue gun. adding glue steadily. Giving it a rough surface that would follow the grain of the tree.  I tried it takes some practice, I used a scrap piece of wood to practice on and got it after about 5 min. You may want to take the time to get this right it makes it look a lot cooler.

Step 4: Book Pages and Back.

We used a similar technique to the bark to make it look like pages.  A back and forth motion with longer strokes it's like painting with glue.  Then I added some rune shapes I copies out of a book and some scribble to the back. 

Step 5: Then We Painted It.

We used a flat black to cover the whole book as a base color. The we had to wait for the paint to dry and got boerd and felt the need to dig a hole in the yard while I waited for the paint to dry. 

I really like it just black. But ,we (Dad)  decided it needed more paint..

I also really like the way the root grows over the edge of the book. 

Step 6: More Painting

We used a light brushing motion so we didn't fill in the low spots in the bark. 

Then painted the runes with a nice silver. 

Then Dad went back and used a flat black to cover where I went over and to clean up the edges. 

Step 7: Finishing Up!

Finished with a coat of clear enamel.  More waiting for the paint to dry.. More hole digging and the dog tried to bury me..

Here's some pictures of the one my Dad made it's his version of a Necronomicon.  He used the same process but added a half a ping pong ball for an eye and  teeth made from the cool whip container.



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    12 Discussions


    3 years ago

    These are great! I sort of did the same with mine but I made mine out of a cereal box,masking tape,duct tape,and paint :)


    3 years ago on Step 7

    I think it is way awesome that you and your dad spent time together creating cool props for Halloween. Very creative! -(Em... you really like dig big deep holes when you're bored...) That was fun comic relief, thanks for that too!


    5 years ago on Introduction

    The tree looks WICKED. The texture really came out great. These are boxes with opening lids, right?


    7 years ago on Introduction

    I love this idea! I can see using this technique for more fanciful fairytale types of books too. Thanks!


    7 years ago on Step 5

    And the boy in the pit is because? Very amused, but I suspect this photo wasn't suppoed to be there :)

    1 reply

    7 years ago on Introduction

    Ghoulishly WILD, I may have to make something up just because, even if we dont have a place in the Haunt for books (maybe if I make them we can find a place)