Halloween Box Wine Despenser!

Introduction: Halloween Box Wine Despenser!

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For a Halloween party this year I decided to serve wine out of a pumpkin.  The down fall, I didn't take a single picture!  However I think I can walk you through it with out and the next time I make one update the instructabe with pictures.

So let's get started!

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Step 1: Materials Needed

Materials Needed:

1 Large pumpkin (more if you want more than one dispenser)
1 Box of Wine (more if you need more wine)
Sharp Knife
Large Metal Spoon
Acrylic paint
Paint Brushes
Tape measure (fabric)

Step 2: Hollow It Out

Cut the top of your pumpkin off and hollow out your pumpkin.  A large metal spoon can help a lot with this process.

Step 3: Cut a Hole for the Spigot

Measure the spigot of your wine using the fabric tape measure.  Cut a hole just a smidgen larger than that near the bottom of the pumpkin. 

Remove the bag of wine from the box.

Place your bag of wine into the pumpkin and put the spigot through the hole.  Push it completely through so it sits snugly in the hole.

You can then place ice on top of the wine bag to keep it cool, the pumpkin will act as insulation.  If you cut your hole to big and you fear ice dripping all over the place you could use ice packs instead. 

Step 4: Put a Face on It!

Now, you could leave this as a pumpkin, but mine was for a Halloween party and darn it it needed a face!  Using acrylic paint, I gave it drunk eyes and a nose.  It then "spewed" wine. 

Depending on where you put the eyes you could have the spigot be a nose and it could, snot out wine....really the possibilities are endless!

Step 5: Put Out and Enjoy!

Put it out at your party and enjoy!  I assure you you will get many complements and everyone will enjoy the drinks!

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Now this was a really good use of you talents--Love it!!!!!
    However, in being helpful not critical--it is not insolation but rather Insulation------just helping with the editing.
    Poofrabbit you have out done yourself "thinking outside of the BOX" :-)