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Introduction: Halloween Cake Pop Stand

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Love making Halloween Cake Pops??   If you don't now, you will.  They're easy and a great hit for homeroom & neighborhood parties!  The easiest cake pops to make are the Jack Skellingtons (little artistic talent involved...).  But I digress. This instructable is about how to make a cake pop display stand.  This makes them easy to transport, but will also make you the best homeroom parent in the school.  The instructions are easy:

1.  Purchase at your local craft store, a piece of green or white styrofoam (the floral styrofoam works fine, or the harder craft- it doesn't matter).

2.  Spray paint the styrofoam with black or grey spray paint.

3.  Buy or make grave stones and other halloween decorations.  Cover with cobwebs and whatever spare decorations you have lying around (spiders etc).

4.  Make Jack Skellington cake pops (tutuorials available on the web).

5.  For more stability, and ease of transport, I place the styrofoam in/on a tray! 

Voila!  Have fun. 

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