Halloween Candy Sundaes and Decorations

Introduction: Halloween Candy Sundaes and Decorations

This is a Fun table decoration and also fun candy treat for the kiddies!!!! and fun to make as well.....:-)

Supplies Needed:

Lace or themed ribbons
Bagged Lifesavers Candies (covered with plastic coverings)
Glass or plastic sundae cups - your choice of size
Assorted Halloween candies (ie.  chocolate eyeballs; peanut butter taffy; kisses; candy skulls and bones etc.)
Decorative straws
Charms tootsie roll pops red/orange go well with theme
Small Halloween charms
pack of spider webbing....for decoration purposes only....
Glue gun
Styrofoam balls that will fit to cup(s)
cardboard  circles sized a little bigger than cup lip

Step 1
Take sundae cups and decorate with lace or ribbon around the lip of cups (I used white lace in some pics and orange in others).

Step 2
Take decorated ribbons and make bows, sized just enough to fall above base of cup(s)
Easiest bow to make:  Take ribbon and make in form of loop and then glue under meeting point of  X then take middle of loop and pinch with glue as well

Step 3
Fill cup(s) with assorted Halloween candies just below the top of lip of cup(s)

Step 4

Take bow and place in center of cup(s) and glue on small Halloween charms in center

Step 5

Take 1/2 of Styrofoam ball and decorate with lifesavers candies by folding the coverings over tops of candies and alternating the lines to cover the Styrofoam ball better ( easier to glue this way ) and tighter looking as well

Step 6

Place cardboard circle on top of  the Sundae cup and glue onto rim  (about a 1/4 of the rim only) and then glue lifesaver filled Styrofoam onto the cardboard...this is only for access to the candies for the kiddies and to eat  later if your going to use as decorations....

Step 7

Place Red/Orange tootsie roll pop in middle of sundae through the top of ball..add a little glue for support and then take Decorative straws and place on side (angled) ....please note tootsie pop handle needs to be cut to size and the straw as well

Viola!!! you have your Candy Filled Sundae these are great as treats or table setting; Mantel pieces; gifts or souvenirs for a Halloween party!!!!

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    sooooooooo cutee ! im defiantly going to make these, this Halloween :)