Halloween Candy Wreath (Kids Friendly)

Introduction: Halloween Candy Wreath (Kids Friendly)

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This wreath as stated above is kids friendly, which means lil ones would be awed instead scared when looking at it :)

You can hang it on the wall, entrance door, above dessert table, etc.

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Step 1: Materials and Method

Wreath made of branches (you can make yourself or get it at Michael's, Hobby Lobby, or any other stores that offer crafts materials)

Lollipops, round ones (chupachup) and flat ones

Cupcake picks - Halloween theme (from Dollarstore)

Spider web (from Dollarstore)

Orange and black crepe paper

Double side sticky tape

Black craft paper

Ribbons, orange and black


See-through orange plastic (from Dollarstore)


Sticky tape


White paper

Lollipop Scary Pumpkins:

Cover lollipops (flat ones) with orange craft paper and with double side sticky tape, attach lollipop to skewers.

Cover the skewers with black and/or orange crepe paper and securing the end with double side sticky tape

Make eyes and grins using the black craft paper and attach it on the lollipop

Give ribbons - you just made yourself a scary pumpkin!

Lollipop Bats:

Cover chupachups with black crepe paper and using the same method above, secure with sticky tape, attach on skewers

With black craft paper, make bat wings and cut eye using white paper

Attach eyes and wings with glue, give ribbons - and you made bats!


Attach the cupcake pics on skewers using the same method above.

Cover wreath with orange crepe paper, securing with regular sticky tape or double side sticky tape and place skewered goodies here and there, and adjust the skewers length, cut if necessary.

Wrap wreath with spider web and your decoration is good to go!

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