Halloween Coasters




Introduction: Halloween Coasters

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These spooky coasters create the perfect mood for a Halloween party, or just for the season.
Materials for this laser cut project include:
1/4" wood
Wood Glue
Wood Stain

Step 1: Laser Cut

Included in the "Halloween Coasters" file are the designs for all 4 coasters and the box. We've provided the files in .SVG, and .AI. This project can easily be cut on a 15"x7" piece of material.

For this project, we're using the 5th Gen Hobby Laser.
Begin by raster engraving all the black designs. Continue by vector cutting all the paths in red.
When completed, you should have 7 box pieces, and 4 coasters.

Step 2: Build the Box

Begin by laying out your pieces to resemble the first part of image 1. Assemble the pieces without glue first to ensure the pieces are fitted correctly.
When you're ready to secure your pieces, add glue to the tabs on the base and the side pieces. Attach the pieces to the corresponding notches.
Continue to the next sides by adding glue to the remaining tabs on the pieces. Slot these together to finish the full assembly. Once all the pieces are in place, be sure to wipe off any excess glue that may creep out of the joints. If your fittings are loose, you can use tape or rubber bands to act as clamps while the glue is setting.

Step 3: Stain

Using wood stain will highlight the engravings and the wood grain on your pieces as well as create an overall professional and finished look. Wood finishing oils and sprays will also help protect your coasters from the wear and moisture.
Follow the instructions provided by your brand of wood stain.

Step 4: Celebrate

Your Halloween party is sure to be a hit with these uniquely crafted Halloween themed coasters. Whether you're throwing a party or just getting into the Halloween spirit, these coasters are sure to impress.



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    These are pretty cool! The possibilities of laser cutters really are endless.