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Introduction: Halloween Concept Car

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Now this is a car that truly shows Halloween! I have been drawing cars for a while and cars that look like a parade float are one of my specialties. If I could win the contest I would definitly feel obligated to use it to show how draw different types of cars and designs useing it. Now let's draw the Halloween Concept Car!

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Step 1: The Supplies

To get the same result you will need:
- a pencil with a good eraser (yes the pencil is from school)
- a piece of paper
- time
- colored pencils (preferably crayola)
                  -Harvest Gold
                  -Yellow Green
                  - Pencil gray (in case you don't have silver)

Step 2: The Body

To start lightly draw a oval like shape.

Step 3: The Front Wheels

Now I may have jumped a little but, start with a basic rectangle where you want the front wheels to be. After that start drawing the back of the arm and work you way forward and than surround round the hand where the wheel should be. The far hand should show the the thumb-like ligment of the hand. I also drew a reference line between the front of the hands so I could line up the hands in perspective of the angle.

Step 4: The Face

Now for the creepy face! Start with a curved line like making a windsheild for a regular car, but instead, this line will be used for the bottom reference for the eyes. The hard part here is that the eyes will be the same size but, the far eye continues around the body. Next is the mouth this can be whatever you want but I like a evil smile. Again make sure to follow the rounding contour or the body.  the sharp teeth I made with progressively larger ones toward the center of the mouth and then smaller ones on the bottom. Make sure to keep your mouth reference is light unlike the picture shows, that way where the teeth are can be erased.

Step 5: The Stem

Going to the top of the body, The stem is anything you want it to be, but mine was made with a few curved lines and a easy top. The stem than has it's root like apearance on the top of the pumpkin with a rounded jagged line at the base of the stem.

Step 6: The Rear Wheel

Just to be different from the front the stem looking wheel attachment, this one is made of two vine like attachments. I also added a leaf too look like a vine. The wheel well is formed by a half cylineder looking thing and the wheel is added right afterward.

Step 7: Some Detail

In this step add the cracked portion of the body where the vine arms have extended outward.Start light and with jagged lines around close to where the vines are. When you are happy with it darken it in and add cracks.

Step 8: That Front Section and Wheel

The front hand can be darkened in and than the wheel is darkened. Nex the inner wheel and hubcap is added by making the same ovalish shape of the wheel except smaller.

Step 9: The Rear Wheel

Darken this in like the front and add the inner wheel and hubcap like the front, also I added the little curvy extra vine.

Step 10: Next the Far Front Wheel

Unlike the two before it his wheel just as a inner wheel marking and no hubcap because this is the inside of the wheel. You still darken the hand and wheel.

Step 11: Darkening the Body and Detailing the Stem

Pretty straight forward, continue darkening in and cleaning up the drawing as you go. Now the stems detailing is added by drawing linnes from the top oval like shape to the bottome points of the roots of the stem. The mouth and eyes are darkened in as well. Erase the reference lines as you go.

Step 12: The Pumpkins Lines

Add the rounded lines that make this look like the pumpkin.

Step 13: Eyes Color and Shadeing

Start with adding a yellow base than blend in some harvest gold to darken it up a little bit. Than add a little orange to form the center. Next the black is used start heavily around the sides farthest from the light in the center of the eye than light the dark as you get closer to the light of the eyes. Also add a little yellow to the black around the eye to make it appear to glow yellow not white. Use black to color in the mouth on this step.

Step 14: The Bodys Shading

The lines in the pumpkin should be the darkest orange. After that lightly add orange to the entire body. Than shade hard and slowly get lighter as you work from line to the center between two lines. Than you take mango and slightly shade the light areas of the pumpkin body to give a more natural appearance.

Step 15: All the Vines and Stem Shading

THe vines are started by a medium shape of yellow green. Than where thare are darker areas (between the fingers, bottom of arm) shade slightly darker with green to give a shaded look. The Stem is done the same way.

Step 16: The Tires and Rims Shadeing

For this step use silver on the rims or light pencil lead. Than darken in the lines so the rims design is visible. Than use black heavily to color the tires and the spaces in the rims.

Step 17: A Little Extra Shadeing

After looking at it the dark green wasn't enough for me, so to make it look right shade lightly with black at the inner edge of the vines to give it the look as if they are comeing out of the pumpkin.

Step 18: Done! Happy Halloween

Congradulations! You have drawn the Halloween Concept Car! Please vote for this if you haven't yet and if you have any questions just comment and I will do my best to help out.

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