Halloween Cookie Jar

Introduction: Halloween Cookie Jar

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This is a Halloween Cookie jar prank, it uses just three components that you can buy from any Radio shack. This cooke jar sounds a loud alarm if any un-authorized friend tries to steal your cookies, You can also use it to play a prank on ur little sister.. :-) and it took me 15 min to finish the whole project.

And for all the microcontroller folks you can give the switch as an input to your MP3 shield and play some spooky sound when some one tries to open it... ha ha ha ha... have fun happy halloween....

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Step 1: Stuff U Need

4 "AAA" batteries
1 "4 AAA" battery holder
1 roller lever switch
1 Pizo Electric Buzzer( loudest you can find)

Step 2: The Circuit (very Very Simple...)

now all you have to do is connect the components as shown below, dont put the batteries yet (-you might wake-up the neighbors) make sure the NC(normally connected) and C(common) are connected on the switch and not the NO(normally open).

Step 3: Putting It All Together

looks like you are now done with the circuit, now you have to prepare the can,( cookie jar). use a screwdriver or sharp object to make a tiny hole at the bottom of the jar. put a string through it ( so that the alarm does not go on u).... 

Step 4: Some Tape

all you need now is some tape(from Gorilla), or hot glue( lost my hot glue gun -used tape --works :) ) and tie the other and of the string on to the lever switch, make sure the lever touches the lid of the cookie jar. now with the string pulled, pop the battery in, and close the lid.... moment of truth... try to open the jar and the alarm show go off....now try to open it with the string pulled .... ha ha the trick...

Step 5: The END

now all you need is a nice sign board to attract your greedy friend.... :-)

Step 6: Video

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