Halloween Costume: Social Butterfly

Introduction: Halloween Costume: Social Butterfly

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Are you a social Butterfly or do you just think this is a cute costume? Either way this is a great costume & really easy to make. Hope you enjoy. this could also be a super hero called super social.

Step 1: What You Need

For this costume what you are going to need is.
5 Sheets of white paper
Fairy wings (face it we all have fairy wings in are closets)
Markers- Red
- light blue
- dark blue
- brown
- yellow
- green
A dress (White is best but you can use pink or any other color)
clear tape

Step 2: Social Stuff

Now take your markers And papers & draw the different logo's for Facebook, Twitter, instagram, pinterest, youtube, & if you can think of more that I couldn't go ahead & put them on to.

Step 3: Next Step Is.......

Now you cut them all out.

Step 4: Now You........

Next step is to tape or use velcro to attach them to the skirt or dress

Step 5: How to Use

Put on your fairy wings and you're dress and you are ready to go have fun. Happy Halloween.



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