Halloween Costume... and Then Taking Great Photos of That Costume

This is a homemade inspector-gadget costume. There are regrettably no better in-progress or detail photos, but the costume is the co-star here with the main event : a photoshoot to show off the costume!

These photos were taken using an entry-level digtal SLR. Studio-style lighting provide a top-notch, high quality feel, and is shockingly easy and cheap to do. Spending several hundred dollars (or less) on a couple of small battery-powered flashes, some Do It Yourself ingenuity,  and some lighting essentials such as an umbrella allow you to take very polished pictures of whatever you wish!

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    A steampunk-y Gadget. It's a touch on the creepy side, but very well-done. Still, I can't help but think you look more like the evil RoboGadget than the Inspector proper.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    The very beginning of that movie always freaked me out... it was a good movie though. Inspector Gadget!