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Introduction: Halloween Countdown Calendar

Looking for a fun way to count down to Halloween?!?
Check out this step-by-step Instructable! For even more detail visit the full blog post at:

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Step 1: Create Canvas

Cut canvas to 15x30 and spray paint Heirloom White (uness you are happy with the color of your canvas. I was not)...then sew using orange thread: 1/2 inch seam on the sides and a 1" casing for the top and bottom then go find some sticks to fit in the casings and use the rest of your canvas to spray paint them black on. I also grabbed longer sticks for the sides to stabilize the whole thing. Set the sticks aside for now.
Finished size ~ 14 x 28
Draw spider webs on...add brads along both sides. 4 on the left~ 3 on the right. Wrap Floss around each brad going form left to right. See main photo. Scroll over photo for some easy tips...

Step 2: Number Cards 1~5

#1 Spider Paper 2x3, 2 stars trimmed out/foam dots, clear jewels in center of webs, ghost trimmed out, purple jewels for eyes, small purple circle, orange 1.
#2 Word Paper 2x3 trimmed, inked orange on edges, green gingham ribbon in a knot, mat w/purple, medium purple circle, small striped circle/foam dot, purple 2 (it's not black, promise).
#3 Corrugated 2x3 inked black on edges, detail trimmed out & hot glue on left, purple diamond inked black/hot glue, white 3.
#4 Pumpkin Paper 2x3 shaped to triangle, inked black, small ivory circle inked black, orange 4.
#5 Batty Paper 3x2 trimmed, ink orange/mat on 3x2 burlap, red jewels for one bat's eyes, large orange circle inked black, medium gray circle, white 5.

Step 3: Number Cards 6~10

#6 Shoe Paper 2x3, trim/inked black & mat w/yellow, purple polka-dot shoe trimmed out/pop dotted on, large circle punched from purple polka-dot on circle paper/inked black, orange 6.
#7 Corrugated 2x3 trimmed into pennant shape/inked black, green houndstooth big circle inked black, medium yellow circle w/small purple circle, white 7.
#8 Multi-Striped Paper 2x3 trimmed to triangle shape inked orange, smaller Batty Paper triangle inked black, medium ivory circle inked orange/foam dot, black 8.
#9 Off-white diamond, smaller Skulls Paper inked orange, green jewels for eyes on one skull, small off-white circle inked orange, orange 9.
#10 Corrugated White, hot glue sheer green ribbon ruffled, word BOO trimmed from paper, medium gray circle, small black circle, white 10.

Step 4: Number Cards 11~15

#11 Green 2x3 cut to triangle, small Pumpkin Paper inked orange, medium Purple circle, Orange 11.
#12 Star Paper 2x3, narrow scrap of Orange at bottom w/Green Floss wrapped several times around, sucker trimmed out & tucked into Floss, CANDY trimmed from paper/foam dot, medium Green Houndstooth circle inked orange/foam dot, purple 12.
#13 Orange diamond, smaller Purple Houndstooth diamond inked orange, cat trimmed out/foam dot, Black 13.
#14 Gray 2x3, smaller Word Paper inked orange, medium Green Patterned Paper circle, small Orange circle, White 14.
#15 Corrugated 2x3 trimmed to triangle shape, three candy corns trimmed out/glued to Black Floss/hot glued, Black 15 hot glued.

Step 5: Number Cards 16~20

#16 Yellow 2x3, smaller Batty Paper inked orange, moon shape trimmed from Green Houndstooth/foam dot, star trimmed out/foam dot with Black Floss to hang star, Orange 16.
#17 Black 2x3, Purple strip at bottom, three star stickers, 'teeth' trimmed out form tag page, medium Orange circle, Purple 17.
#18 White Corrugated 2x3, three tiny triangles glued to Black Floss/hot glue, SCARY trimmed out/hot glue, medium Orange circle, White 18.
#19 Off-White diamond, smaller Skulls Paper inked Orange, Red jewels for eyes on one skull, medium Off-White circle, small Yellow circle, Orange 19.
#20 Burlap triangle, smaller Spider Web Paper inked orange, small Off-White circle/foam dot, Black 20.

Step 6: Number Cards 21~25

#21 Batty Paper 2x3 inked black, Green polka dot ribbon knotted and wrapped around, medium Yellow circle, small Purple circle, White 21.
#22 Orange diamond, smaller Black diamond, WHOO! sticker/mat on Yellow/foam dot, small Multi Striped circle, Purple 22.
#23 Pumpkin Paper 2x3 trimmed to triangle inked black, small Yellow circle inked orange, Black 23.
#24 Gray 2x3, smaller Spider Web Paper inked black, large circle trimmed from Gray Web Circle on Circle Paper, medium Gray circle inked black/Black floss strips glued to back side to form legs plus one long strip for web/hot glue small Gray circle on back to hold floss in place/attached to large circle with hot glue, small Gray circle inked black, Red Jewels for eyes/foam dot off-center for character, White 24.
#25 Black 2x3, smaller Pumpkin Paper inked orange, large Off-White circle inked orange, GOBLIN and HALLOWEEN trimmed out/inked orange, Orange 25.

Check the other picture for some detail on that fun little spider...foam dots...

Step 7: Number Cards 26-31

#26 Word Paper 2x3, word BAT outlined with black pen, bat trimmed out form sticker sheet, medium Orange Houndstooth circle inked black/foam dot, Black 26.
#27 Burlap diamond,, small Black diamond/mat with Purple diamond, medium Yellow circle, big star sticker, Orange 27.
#28 Purple 2x3, smaller Shoe Paper inked orange, yellow shoe trimmed out/foam dot, Purple 28.
#29 Green 2x3, smaller Star Paper inked orange, Purple strip, large ghost trimmed out, White 29.
#30 White Corrugated, Candy Corn strip/hot glued w/Black Floss wrapped around & tied in front, Black 30/hot glue.
#31 Black 2x3, smaller Purple inked black, large Yellow circle inked black for moon, house trimmed out/foam dot to bottom of moon, HALLOWEEN sticker, two crazy eyes trimmed out: one big-one little/foam dot only large 'wonky' eye, Orange 31.

Step 8: Clothes Pins

Cover small clothes pins with left over scraps to hang number cards from. See Main photo for placement!!
Yes...Halloween is one of my favorite days of the year...annnnd I kinda like my OCD. Hope you dig my craft!
Cat Jones

Inspired by Canvas Corp~Bazzill Basics Spooky and Kooky paper pack and stickers used plus some supplies on hand (cardboard box, ink pads, etc...)

Step 9: One More Look

Here's one more look at the finished piece so you don't have to go back to the beginning. Enjoy!

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Awesome calendar! Great step by step instructions and LOTS of detailed pictures. thanks for posting this project.