Halloween DIY Series




Introduction: Halloween DIY Series

Hi everyone, I hope you enjoy my creepy carnival series! I throw a Halloween carnival every year and I wanted to share some ideas, crafts, tips, and DIYs that make the process run smooth.

Step 1: Party Planning Ideas

This first video is a step by step process all the way from the beginning and basics to throwing a halloween party! This also can be used for other types of parties!

Step 2: DIY Halloween Decorations: Apothecary Jars

This video will show you an easy, yet festive way to decorate for your Halloween party! Trust me this is easy and takes minutes!

Step 3: DIY Prize Ribbons

If you are having a costume party, here is a great way to add something special to your party! You can customize these in so many ways!

Step 4: DIY No Candy Prizes

And finally my favorite. Make sure to incorporate healthy options for kids and adults with no candy prizes! This is easy and budget friendly considering candy can be so expensive now!

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