Halloween Decor- DIY Trick or Treat GRAVE (under a Dollar)



Introduction: Halloween Decor- DIY Trick or Treat GRAVE (under a Dollar)

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Hi guys since halloween is here I think I'd be posting a lot of halloween diys and makeup. Starting with this fun idea for trick or treat you can use this for decoration too.

Make sure you watch the video to see how i decorated it and filled it with candies.
Let's get started!

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Step 1: Free Template for Pattern

Okay, so for your better understanding I've made this to help you with measurements, folds and flap.


Step 2: Cut Out the Pattern

Now you know everything draw the pattern and cut it. Make crease with help of scissor on every folding, joint and flap like shown below; Fold and secure it by pasting.

Step 3: Paste the Flaps

Next step is to paste the flaps to sides so it makes a box like shown in the image below.

Step 4: Box Is Ready, Paint It!

Grab a giant brush, grey colour and paint the box. Why you need to use grey colour is because it will give a cemented look to the box which turns out to great as you can see in the image below.

Step 5: Make Rectangular Cut Out

Now cut a rectangle according to to width of box and paint it grey. Make sure the rectangle is at least 6cm longer in height from the box

Step 6: Decorate, Make It Spooky

Fold the upper corners of rectangle as shown in the first image below.

Now comes the fun part to make it spooky, I started with writing RIP and gave a dripping effect to it, then added spider web and text.

Time to add blood (my favorite part) I first used bright red nailpaint then continued with acrylic colour so that it looks thick and at the same time looks flowy like blood. Nail paint was too thick that's why I switched to acrylic.

I also added fingerprints by painting my thumb and just pressing on wherever needed. Just be yourself let your creativity flow create it how you want. You don't need to be clean, make it look like a blood massacre.

Step 7: Attach Closure

Now attach a double sided tape on lock as shown in the image, you can skip this step and keep it open if you want.

Step 8: Attach Both Pieces

Now paste the rectangular part and box with help of adhesive or you can even use double sided tape.

(Ignore the mess in background)
If you didn't already notice, you did now. Sorry :P

I hope you like this easy and cool way to make trick or treat creative and fun.
If you try this, don't forget to send me pictures. You can also tag me on instagram or facebook . I'd love to see them.

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